About Us

Super Connector & Super Conductor To Change

Everybody In is a transformative hub created to eliminate racial employment disparities in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis seven-county region by 2040. Through dynamic super connector and super conductor efforts, Everybody In unites equity thought leaders and resources throughout Minnesota. With dedicated participation, everybody wins.


Minnesota is a global leader in business and workforce equity.


Close the racial employment gap in Minnesota by connecting and elevating people, organizations and resources committed to harnessing the economic potential of minorities and business communities.

Key Role

“Super connector and super conductor to change.”

Overarching Goal

Be widely respected and valued as the “Super Connector and Super Conductor to Change,” compounding economic development in Minnesota through collective business and workforce equity solutions.

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Born in 2012

A 2012 Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) report charged Everybody In with the imperative role of supporting and aligning regional economic development; implementing strategies to reduce racial employment disparities; and proposing actionable steps to be implemented within five years. Everybody In was initiated through Ramsey County’s Board of Commissioners and Workforce Investment Board, the City of Saint Paul and the City of Minneapolis.