Our Work

Get In It To Win It

Everybody In is a “super connecter to change” and “super conductor for progress” as a Transformative Resource Hub and Connection & Development Intermediary amongst public, private and nonprofit organizations and their initiatives in the racial equity landscape, through Everybody In’s Equity Model, Equity Ecosystem, Super Connecter Forums, and the MN Equity Trust.

Everybody In’s Equity Model

Our Equity Model applies the tools of participatory action research to address the challenges of transforming racially inequitable patterns in organizations, cities, counties and regions. The model is a 5-stage process starting from data gathering to data analysis, action planning, implementation and adaptive action, and celebrating results and scaling up.

Everybody In’s Equity Ecosystem

Our Equity Ecosystem, currently in development, is being established to track and monitor the impacts of racial equity work in workforce and in small business to “move the dial” around shifting the socioeconomic status of communities of color, while being strategic about how to “create jobs” and “accelerate the capacity building and growth” of businesses of color to help contribute to Minnesota’s growing need to eliminate the disparities mentioned in the Governor’s Audit Report from April of 2017.

Everybody In’s Super Connector Forums

Our Super Connector Forums provide a space to foster awareness, connection, collaboration, and social innovation in the ecosystem. Everybody In initiates Super Connector forums to sustain its work and help community, education, public and private stakeholders understand the impact of their collective work in addressing racial economic disparities in employment and business development while identifying gaps that can be leveraged into new opportunities.

Everybody In’s MN Equity Trust

The MN Equity Trust is the community economic development mechanism created for public-private partnerships and investments, with the specific task of being a vehicle for job creation and business expansion of minority business enterprises. It establishes framework for common measurement of success and results, real time strategies for significantly increasing employment and business opportunities, and provides a common market-space for public, private and nonprofit partnerships to thrive that recognizes and honors the unique expectations and goals of all parties, while maintaining the priority of community benefit.